Watching videos whether using a cellphone or using a laptop / PC has become a routine activity in our daily lives today. In fact, now many people play videos or movies on smartphones with a variety of the best video player applications that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. Although now there are many smartphones that are mushrooming, but not a few of us who still use a laptop / PC to watch videos and favorite movies. The reasons are varied, one of which is more satisfied because the laptop or PC screen is bigger and wider than a smartphone.

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Watching using a PC certainly requires its own application, because the default video player application of the operating system sometimes features are still unsatisfactory. Well, this time, Caris Signal will provide information on the recommendations of the 10 best video player applications for PC that you can download and use to watch. Approximately, is there an application that can play videos with subtitles at once? To find out, read on this article until the end, yes.

If you are looking for a computer video player software that supports all formats then this article will help. Because we have compiled the best PC video player application

We also provide a download link for this video player application for free. So that you no longer need to look for the link on google. Because when spare time, it’s good to use to watch videos. Unfortunately the default computer video player application is usually not maximum quality. Because sometimes the default video player application of the system has shortcomings and features that are less than satisfactory. Therefore. We will recommend the best video player application on the latest PC that you can download for free.